Obyx command line How To

When Obyx is being used in Apache its behaviour is controlled by enviroment variables in the apache configuration or depending on preference controlled by a configuration file specified in an environment variable. This can make calling obyx from the command line rather tricky as your enviroment has to be just right. For this reason a switch has been added that allows you to set variables for obyx without having to set up your enviroment before running a script.

This is achived by using the -c switch when calling obyx e.g:

./obyx -c config-file.cnf <obyx script>

Please however be aware that there can be unexpected results when using this feature as it has not been extensively tested. Common issues are unexpected document path that prevents the obyx file from being loaded. This is still very useful for running obyx scripts from cron.

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015