OBYX Timeline

The OBYX timeline is divided into three eras that gives a chronological outline of major events from the original idea to present day.
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Simple, elegant and powerful

Simple to use, saving time and money. Elegantly designed to cope with great complexity of detail. Powerful applications set you free to design.
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Cuts maintenance costs and turnaround times

OBYX above all is a practical tool. The way it has been engineered makes the construction of a website faster and simpler. This same simplicity makes maintenance of the site quick and easy. It all saves time and money.
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Easy to learn and a joy to use

Because it is built from familiar components, stuff that you know already. OBYX is very easy to learn. It is also exciting to use, intuitive, flexible and comprehensive.
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Stable and proven technology

Compared with the other main languages in current use OBYX has some very clear advantages in terms of cost, time, ease of handling and maintenance and sheer usefulness. Combining existing technologies in the way OBYX provides gives novice developers and adepts alike a structured way to develop applications. This is because OBYX was designed simply to do one job – design, construct and maintain dynamic websites. It does that job superbly well.

What else? Oh yes, its free

Both the OBYX language and the engine are offered via the open source GPLv3 license which means you are free to download and use OBYX right now.

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015