Download Obyx

Obyx is available via github at .


git clone

Versioning of Obyx is done slightly differently compered to other software projects. The main difference is that we do not create releases. All updates, bug fixes, improvements, optimisations etc will be put in the repository above. Before we make these changes live however we run the application through our testing suite. This suite will ensure the following:-

  • Existing API does not change. It is only added too.
  • The application outputs the same expected response every time.
  • Each revision will be tested as much as fisably possible.

Please note: Due to the the first bullet point above the support request response will be "Please upgrade to the top revision". Furthermore bug fixes will only ever be applied to the top revision.


Obyx can be compiled on MacOS and Debian with a few dependencies. See the links on the right for detailed instructions.

Obyx installs as a cgi/console-tool binary or as a fastcgi binary. It has been thoroughly tested with Apache on Debian and MacOSX.

Wall Chart

The obyx wall chart is the one stop reference for the language. Obtain the latest official copy by downloading one of the files below.
You can read more about the visual guide here.

Other Methods

If you prefer to try out a pre-configured virtual machine rather than compiling it then please visit this page.

Historical Releases

Historical releases are currently littered throughout the SVN repository.

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015