Getting started with the Obyx programming language.

Obyx is a very simple language to get started with. There are only a few considerations and pre-requisits to meet before you can get started. These are:-

  • A XML editor, though any text editor works fine.
  • A computer running either MacOSX or a recent version of linux.

For the XML editor we recommend oXygen. oXygen is not free however it has fantastic features. For co-programming, SubEthaEdit is really excellent. We use also vi, TextEdit, BBEdit, XCode - so use whatever you prefer, or have available!

You are now ready proceed down one of two routes.

Systems Administration

This section assumes you will primarily be building, configuring (modifying?) obyx. The following may be of interest to you.

Installation on Debian
Installation on Mac OS X

Environment settings
Obyx in the command line.

Software Development

This section assumes you will primarily be building applications that use Obyx.

Visual Guide

HTTP Redirection
A short xpath in the woods
Simple Form
Excel Columns
Using the HTTP Object
Validate Always
Custom XML Objects
Xcode Syntax Highlighting

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015