What is OBYX?

OBYX is a powerful and simple programming language that utilizes the power of XML templating to produce fast and elegant web applications.

OBYX has been designed with separation of concerns and the model-view-controller design pattern as the driving force of the language, making it perfect for use with the Internet's rapidly changing technologies.

Get Started

Here is a glimpse of OBYX code. Find out what this code does and more in the OBYX Docs.

<instruction xmlns="http://www.obyx.org">
		<instruction note="load view">
			<output space="store" value="v" />
			<input space="file" value="hello_world.html" />
		<iteration operation="sql" note="get model">
			<output space="store" value="v#//*[@id='msg']/text()" />
			<control value="select 'hello world' as message" />
			<body space="field" value="message" encoder="xml" />
		<instruction note="display view">
			<input space="store" value="v" release="true" />

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015