IKO (Input Key Output) is an abstract element from which all itype and output elements are derived (which includes inputs, outputs and keys). These are used within flow functions.

IKO types

IKO attributes

All IKO derived elements share the following attributes

  • value: Instead of putting an element value into the node's text content, the value attribute can be used
  • encoder: (none*/name/digits/xml/sql/url/base64/hex/qp/message) specifies the algorithm to encode or decode the IKO value
  • process: (encode*/decode) specifies whether the value is encoded or decoded using the algorithm specified in the encoder attribute
  • context: (none*/store/file/cookie/parm/field/sysenv/sysparm/url/namespace) specifies that the value stored in the IKO is a pointer to the context space
  • wsstrip: (false*/true) specifies if the lead-in and lead-out whitespace within the iko itself should be preserved

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015