Linguist, developer and Obyx entitler

Ever since learning a basic robot control programming language 17 years ago I've been hooked on programming. I have extensive experience in understanding programming theory and implementing complex systems in many different languages.

I joined the Obyx team 8 years ago to help develop the language further. My initial reactions, like everybody, were "it's very verbose". But start using Obyx and its very apparent that the size of the keywords have no reflection on the complexity of using Obyx. The sheer beauty of the language is its simplicity and having no pretence about being "general purpose".

A lot of Obyx development involves long debates within the team about how Obyx can be as "web purpose" and useable as possible. During some of these debates we stumbled upon (like most great ideas) a fantastic way of creating MVC HTML pages. Separating HTML from code using xpath transformed the language overnight. The past 7 years has been about refining such a powerful development method for web pages.

Working on Obyx has been a challenge, a pleasure, sometimes infuriating, but always interesting. May it always be so.

Articles by Kris

  • 12 Oct 2009: Recursive Excel Column Name Calculator – Calculating that column 47 refers to the column name AV programatically is difficult to say the least. Here is an advanced guide of how to recursively and quickly get the column names from any integer.

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