How it works

The Instruction operation "add" can be used to sum numerical inputs. Multiple inputs will all be added together.

"Add" Examples

Example 1: Basic Addition

The example below shows how a number of inputs will be arithmetically summed:

<instruction operation="add">
	<input value="2" />
	<input value="3" />
	<input value="4" />

Example 1: Adding Stored Values

The example below sums two inputs, but in this case the input values come from two stores ("three"=3 and "four"=4), so we have a store with the value of "three" (remember we could call the store anything else), which holds the number "3". The same applies to the value "four".

<instruction operation="add">
	<input space="store" value="three" />
	<input space="store" value="four" />

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015