How it works

The Instruction operation "shell" Executes a server-side script as specified by the inputs. The script must be in the scripts directory of the site file system. These are generally not accessible to the public. The shell accepts only alphanumeric characters and spaces as a value (no punctuation of any kind).

"Shell" Examples

Example 1: Basic usage

This example runs the server-side script "hworld"

<instruction operation="shell"
	<input value="hworld" />

Example 2: Basic usage with parameters

Parameters can be passed seperated by spaces. Only spaces or non-alphanumeric characters are allowed.

This example runs the server-side script "hworld 27 32".

<instruction operation="shell">
		<instruction operation="append">
			<input value="hworld " />
			<input value="27" />
			<input value=" " />
			<input value="32" />
"hworld 27 32"

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015