Context Era

All the major development occurred during the 'Context era'. This started in April 2003 with the initial ideas and continued through to November 2007 when the 'Context era' was replaced by the 'Obyx era'.

Obyx Context Era

April 2003 – Idea for new language

The idea for new a language emanated from discussions for the development of a language using non-legacy code.

June 2003 – First code produced

First code produced and used in various test environments. This provided vital clues in the future direction and development of the language.

January 2005 – Sorcerer and New Medusa

At this point changes were being made to two key elements of the new language named Sorcerer and New Medusa. These changes enabled the post/get process, Sorcerer delivering data to an SQL database and New Medusa retrieving it.

March 2006 – Context and OS decision

Subsequent to the changes carried out to these two key elements, the project strategy called for them to be merged to produce the core language codsenamed “Context”. It was at this point that the decision was taken to launch the new language as an Open Source product.

April 2006 – Wall-chart

The first version of the Obyx wall chart was created.

April 2006 – Engine and Parser

The iteration flow-function was created, this completed all major structural work and was regarded as a key milestone in the development cycle.

September 2007 – OSI: Extensions

Four OSI extensions were created and although not strictly part of Obyx, they allowed the programmer to communicate with other systems via HTTP or sendmail.

October 2007 – 4 flow-functions

The names for the 4 flow-functions were finalised thus defining the beginning of the 'Obyx era'.

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015