Social Era

Since the release of OBYX in February 2010 the project team has been working on promotion and distribution mechanisms by bringing this website up to date with fresh and interesting content and with a view to enabling the availability of the package for downloading from this site. OBYX Public Beta 1 is released together with the install package.

January 2011 - Marketing Begins

7 Months after the general public release of the source code. Templating languages are becoming a hot topic with web technologies. We are taking this opportunity to inform people of Obyx's existance and it's position on templating technologies.

June 2010 - Version 1

A few months after the beta was released Obyx was considered stable for general use.

February 2010 - Obyx PB1 Released

Obyx is officially released and available to download.

October 2009 – Blog added to the site

A blog was added to provide short tutorials about OBYX. All team members will be regular contributors.

October 2009 - KU Workshop

Workshop at Kingston University with J. Briggs on Open Source strategies and making OBYX available to the University's students.

February 2009 - Communication channels opened.

Obyx communication channels are opened. We can be found here.

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015