Obyx Era

The new language known internally as Context was named OBYX in November 2007. The 'Obyx era' ran from then up to November 2009 when the new language was launched. This era was used to test and refine the new language.

Obyx Era

November 2007 – Context becomes Obyx

The language was named Obyx.

January 2008 – SVN source code

First code made available on SVN.

May 2008 – OSI mailer created

The sendmail request/response function was created.

September 2008 – File output

The file output function was created. This enabled the output of files and objects.

December 2008 – Functions

The instruction “function” was created allowing the use of functions within Obyx.

December 2008 – Comments

The Comments function was released.

December 2008 – S element

Introduction of the S element

March 2009 – XQila

Introduced the Xqila library which was a superior way to use Xpath compared with the previously used XAlan .

June 2009 – RC1 released

The RC1 version was ready for release, although the engine was not yet publicly available.

June 2009 – Type to Space

The 'itype' attribute type was renamed to become 'space'.

September 2009 – RC2 released

This version was released and fixed bugs found in RC1.

February 2010 – First Public Beta released

This version is the first available for public download.

June 2010 – Version 1 released

This version is the first stable version considered stable for general use.

Last Modified: Thu, 15 Jan 2015